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Managed for extreme quality trophy bucks, White Oak Whitetails habitat is maintened in pristine condition with highly nutritious clover and browse supplemented with record rack feeds. Attention to detail results in trophies often measuring over 200 inches. The genetic components supplied by White Oak Whitetails is unsurpassed. The best Texas genes have been incorporated into an already large body, big northern herd.

Gladiator and his son Gladiator Starbuck are the main sires used to artificially inseminate select White Oak Whitetails does. Gladiator Starbuck scored over 240 inches as a two year old. These amazing Texas deer originated from a South Texas line of whitetails and consistently produce hardy, healthy offspring with very large typical racks that will set new records at White Oak Whitetails and in the South. Our deer are EHD resistant. We breed 300" breeder bucks to does producing 200" bucks.

Hills, valleys and creeks throughout White Oak Whitetails provide a great backdrop for Ultimate Trophies and a once in a lifetime hunting experience for a few fortunate hunters.

The property is a total of 2850 acres. 2250 has been fenced for over 12 years. Ther is an additional 560 acres fenced as an Exotic refuge, and another 400 acres fenced for trophy whitetails.

White Oak Whitetails has commitments from hunters and also with promoters for expeditions at White Oak Valley Plantation. The challenge is to propagate 50 Trophy Bucks per year averaging 220" for harvest.

Management Hunts 140" Minimum - $4,000 + Gratuity

Bronze Hunts 160" to 179" $7500 + Gratuity

Gold Hunts 180" to 199" $10,000 + Gratuity

Wow Hunts 200" to 280" $12,500 and up + Gratuity

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